I came into seeking help through a side door, so to speak. I was looking for someone to work with my daughter. I wanted to meet with Patricia to understand firsthand her style and what my concerns were with my daughter. I found Patricia to be more than expected. She actively listened with focus and compassion. As I continued to speak with her I realized that I needed what she had to offer.

She said the work would be simple - not easy. This has proven to be true. The trust she quickly developed made it easier than I thought it could be. As the process continued I realized that much of what I was tangled in was keeping me from attaining a richer more vibrant and beautiful life. Patricia had become a flight instructor to me. Slowly I became less bound up, less weighted down with shame. I was learning to fly. As any pilot will tell you, the journey to solo flight is long and takes dedication, focus and energy. You will need to do the work outside of the room, beyond the conversation to earn your wings. Patricia will be able to compassionately help you disentangle the issues that bind you down.
— Dave, Jacksonville FL

Patricia is kind, intuitive, a great listener and a true healer. She will make you feel heard, validated and elevated. Before talking to her I felt scattered, disconnected and anxious. After talking to her I felt grounded and my soul felt at ease. She does what great people do, which is ask great questions to help you find the answers within.
— Melynda, Jacksonville FL
My first session with Patricia was immensely helpful, I gained so much more insight with just this first session than years of counseling from others. Thank you !!!
— Lauren, Jacksonville FL

I received support from Patricia for a little over a year. While that year was one of the most difficult in my life, I gained so much more personal growth than I could have imagined. I was very hesitant to seek help especially because of how sensitive my situation was. However, from the very first session I felt safe and comfortable to talk through it all. Patricia was able to find me many different resources and ways to cope with the different things I was dealing with throughout my year. I was able to not only move forward from my initial struggle, but also continued on to tackle being a better version of myself. I would highly recommend to try a session out. It was one of the best decisions I have made and I will be forever grateful for all that I learned.
— Linda, Jacksonville FL