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corporate speaking and consulting

Attachment principles play out in the workplace, often beneath our conscious awareness. Work environments can either be healthy or dysfunctional, just like the families we grew up in. When employees understand the dynamics of the attachment styles, everything becomes more clear. Instead of getting stuck in difficult conflicts or feeling confused at others' behavior, there is a new understanding of why people behave the way they do, and how to respond appropriately instead of reacting. With this knowledge, a workplace that feels negative or has a high turnover rate can transform into a corporation where positivity and joy are the new norm.

Love is learned - workshop

Get an in-depth understanding of neurobiology, attachment and trauma in this 2-hour experiential and lecture style workshop. You will attain a new understanding of why we automatically act the way we do when conflict arises. The mystery is taken out of why past relationships didn't work out or how to make repair in current relationships. The attachment principles play out in all relationships, from family to romantic to friendships to co-workers. With this new life-altering lens, understanding interactions becomes much easier and you are able to offer a new level of acceptance and compassion to yourself and others.



the dynamics of healing

In healing past trauma in the present moment, there are a thousand and one ways to do "the work." The main focus of this workshop is to communicate that real and lasting healing is accessible and possible, and available to anyone who chooses to allow space for it. Several healing modalities will be explained, and participants will leave with a clearer road map of the healing journey and what potential next steps to take.