Seasonal Group Offerings

These 3-month deep dive experiences into connection and transformation are long enough to achieve a very noticeable shift with the group and then ground it into your everyday life. Inspired by the traditional celebrations of the seasons and fostering living more in accordance with Nature I decided to offer my groups along with the Seasons. Each Season represents has its own historical significance to humanity and we will explore these themes together in the group. Beginning and ending with celebrations honoring the seasonal changes surrounding us, we will honor and celebrate the changes happening deep within as well.

Included in each group:

Introductory 3-hour immersion

6 immersive 2.5 sessions during the Season

Concluding Celebration of the new Seasonal Equinox or Solstice

Worksheets and recommended study materials in accordance with the Season


Fall 2018

Fall is about letting go of what we no longer need, finalizing and wrapping up projects, and enjoying one last bustle of activity before settling in for Winter. There is no need to fear letting go of what we are holding on to, anything that is needed to serve us will return.

Saturday, September 22nd - Fall Equinox                       

Introductory Immersion 9am-12pm

Regular Meetings Saturdays 9-11:30am:

October 6, 20

November 3, 17

December 1, 15

Winter Solstice Celebration the evening of Friday, December 21st 





Winter 2018

Winter is about going within, sitting in stillness and darkness and learning to accept our Ego. This is the tough stuff that most people avoid, yet it is absolutely essential in order to realize our Wholeness. We all contain Light and Shadow, suppressing and fearing our darkness only gives it more power. We must learn it is safe to go within. 

Introductory Immersion Saturday, December 29th from 9am-12pm

Regular Meetings Saturdays 9-11:30am:

January 5, 19

February 2, 16

March 2, 16

Spring Equinox Celebration the evening of Wednesday, March 20th


Spring 2019

Spring is known for the burst of joyful activity after a long cold Winter. Finally signs of life are seen everywhere, and beautiful green sprouts from the seeds you planted in Winter are popping up all around. Happiness, Joy and Love are the themes here.

Introductory Immersion Saturday, March 30th from 9am-12pm

Regular Meetings Saturdays 9-11:30am:

April 6, 20

May 4, 18

June 1, 15

Summer Solstice Celebration Friday evening, June 21st

Groups are an organic process of self awareness and evolution. You have this starting point with no idea where it’s going to take you. Trusting the process can be challenging and enlightening all wrapped up in one. Patricia holds the space and the rest just unfolds. Her guidance and insight keeps you safe and vulnerable all wrapped in one.
— C. Mason, Jacksonville FL


Early Bird Pricing for Fall: $397 until August 14th, then $497 

Early Bird Pricing for Winter: $397 until November 30th, then $497 

Early Bird Pricing for Spring: $397 until February 28th, then $497


Unity church on Lomax St. in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville, FL


Only 6 spots available in each cohort. Current members have priority to roll over and save a space in the next group, for example Fall cohort members have priority to choose to continue into Winter, and Winter into Spring.

The group was absolutely amazing. I learned about myself and how to trust others. I found life long friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world.
— Savannah, Jacksonville FL
After a year with Patricia’s gentle guidance I am not who I was. I am not bound by fear. I am not entangled in worry. I am free to experience life with clarity of who I am now not churning over past mistakes and missteps and damaged relationships. I have had the benefit of working with Patricia both individually as well as in a group setting. In full truth I was apprehensive about attending therapy with strangers, but the group sessions proved to be invaluable to my growth. The magic of the group therapy happens when vulnerability is practiced within the group dynamic under the guidance of Patricia’s focused compassionate expertise providing the safe and sacred space for each member to grow, share and care for one another. Patricia is a caring, kind, patient, warm person who honestly listens to you and is motivated to help you work on achieving the real you that is there. I feel a freedom that I didn’t know I wasn’t experiencing thanks to Patricia’s dedication, energy, and passion to bring healing.
— Adam S, Jacksonville fl


What about summer?

Summer is about connection, celebration and parties. Lots and lots of parties. The members of the Fall, Winter and Spring cohorts will plan their own spectacular Summer Celebrations monthly in July, August and September 2019. All cohort members and their friends and family are invited to join in the festivities.

Enlightening and evolutionary, my experience with group has provided a safe space to grow and explore my true self. The bonding which has taken place among the group participants has been sweet and profound and an additional benefit which was not expected from the outset of the sessions. Highly recommend this process for anyone who is willing to come into it with an open mind and heart.
— Ellen G, Jacksonville FL


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