Individual Coaching Program - 3 and 6 month Options

• Choose either weekly 60-minute or bi-weekly 90-minute coaching sessions per month via Zoom web conferencing
• Access to spot coaching in between sessions via text, phone or email
• Accountability check-ins
• Worksheets targeted to unleash insight, clarity and intuition.


Single Clarity Session

  • Book a single 90-minute session and walk away with a new lens and outside perspective

  • Move from confusion or disorientation to accessing your inner clarity

  • Gain a more compassionate view of your inner world, including the different controlling, escaping and suppressed parts.

  • Learn how it is possible to access a sense of inner calm inside that is available at any time


Couples 4-Session Assessment

  • Complete extensive questionnaire designed by Gottman Method researchers. This gives a baseline for the health of the relationship.

  • Work to deepen connection and strengthen the bond for a healthy relationship

  • With couples I work to facilitate communication and educate about the psycho-biological factors affecting the relationship

  • Assessment of the couple includes 90-minute session together, followed by 90-minute individual sessions, and ending with a final session together

  • After the assessment if continued support is desired I am available to continue working individually with one of the partners while the other partner seeks support from a different coach or therapist. In my experience working individually with partners is more effective.


Prepare for your sessions

The amazing thing about this process is that it begins before we even officially meet! Once you have mentally made the commitment and scheduled with me, our relationship already exists and the healing intelligence inside of you will begin to get to work. It may sound super "out there" but it's true! Notice the feelings that come up knowing that your appointment is on the calendar. You might find yourself beginning to make changes in a positive direction before we even meet.

To best prepare for the first meeting, go ahead and set some time aside to journal and begin to get clear on your goals for our work together. What would you like to accomplish? How do you want to feel? Outline in detail the person you want to be and what you want your life to look like, in a few months when we have done some work together and perhaps three years from now.

Additionally, take good care of yourself - get adequate sleep, drink plenty of water, make sure you're getting some movement in your day. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for investing in YOU! Feel it in your body, allow it to sink in. You are supported, held and you are not alone. 


coaching qualifications

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, The University of North Florida

RYT-200 Yoga Teaching Certification, The Regenerative Living School

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, Cornell University

Certificate training in the Gottman's 10 Core Principles for Effective Couples Therapy

Lived experience as a survivor of complex trauma and ten years of research and implementation of healing modalities


"Patricia is kind, intuitive, a great listener and a true healer. She will make you feel heard, validated and elevated. Before talking to her I felt scattered, disconnected and anxious. After talking to her I felt grounded and my soul felt at ease. She does what great people do, which is ask great questions to help you find the answers within." - Melynda, Jacksonville FL

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