Living Seasonally: Fall - Cultivating a Practice of Letting Go

What are you ready to let go of? Or afraid to?

... the stories holding you back?

... underlying beliefs inhibiting your growth?

... habits and behaviors that don't serve you?

... judgments of yourself or others?

... old resentments?

... the need to control?


This Fall, I suggest the concept of cultivating a practice of letting go all season long. What is wearing you down? What burdens have you been carrying for the past few months, or even for years? Make this your new annual theme for the season, so each year you can look at what you are holding on to and consciously let it go instead of allowing it to weigh you down perpetually. It's like a deep cleaning for your mind - so freeing. In this blog series and in my live group immersion starting September 22nd, I will guide us in a collective process of letting go.

Some of us desperately want to let go and don't know how - while some of us are clinging and afraid to let go of beliefs we feel define us. Fortunately letting go is a process that can be learned. Just as a tree naturally lets go of its leaves in the Fall, we can trust that everything we are holding on to has served its purpose and it's safe to let it go. The leaves will become rich soil, and whatever nutrients are truly needed will come back to us through the roots.

Aligning with Nature's Cycles

In our air conditioned, 24-hour-news-cycle lives, so many of us are go-go-going all the time. Even stay at home parents are on a treadmill of never-ending tasks, and those who feel stuck or bored in their careers face the unchanging monotony of a system generally designed to perpetually produce results.

We are part of nature, and by design must follow it's rules, yet we are out of touch with the natural cycles of life. This results in burnout, mid-life crises and lack of purpose.

By cultivating an inner practice of living Seasonally, and incorporating rituals throughout the year that honor the changing cycles happening, even with a 9-5 job you can find a life that is more grounded, joyful and gives a sense of ease and flow.

The "New New Year"

Many thought leaders are beginning to embrace Fall as the time of year for new beginnings and New Year's resolutions, one reason being that we are primed after years of growing up in the school system to have a new start in Autumn. The reason for this is because kids were needed to help with planting in the Spring and harvest in late Summer. This left them available for schooling in the Fall and Winter. In the Fall there is a new availability of energy after the hazy, celebratory days of summer, and it's an ideal time to let go of habits that aren't serving us (Re: "New Year's" Resolutions). How about "New New Year's Resolutions?" How ARE your January resolutions doing, by the way? It's a great time to check in and reassess.

Though the New Year is celebrated on January 1st in our culture, this date is arbitrary. It's because Julius Caesar thought that month would be a good one to start on because it's named after the God Janus who had two faces, one looking forward and one backward. It's arbitrary - and it's cold! Winter is a season more attuned to hibernating and going within to experience the darkness and stillness. The January 1st energy is not aligned with beginnings.

The Fall Equinox for 2018 is Saturday, September 22nd. In my Fall group immersion, we will meet together for three months to practice letting go, hold each other accountable and inspire each other to go deeper. For those not in the group, I'll be showing up with regular posts here to encourage and guide you in the process.

Fill out the form here if you'd like to apply to join the live group - we will be meeting on Saturday mornings twice a month throughout the Fall to participate in group activities together, support one another and deepen the experience. Group immersions are one of the most effective ways to stay on track in achieving a powerful transformation, and if you are curious I would love to chat and see if this group is a good fit for you!


Patricia Borgess