It is no accident you are here


Imagine that you can finally have a safe space and therapeutic confidant you can trust. A place you can receive the gentle and compassionate understanding you need to unpack your deepest worries, traumatic stories, and unhealthy behaviors without judgement.

As we work together in the counselor-client relationship I will not only help you organize the mental chaos, but rewire your brain with scientifically proven healing methods to relieve the pain of previous or current trauma. 

I specialize in Attachment and working with traumatic experiences both big and small. You may have a clear traumatic experience that needs to be processed, or there may have been a series of small painful moments leaving you with the feeling that something is wrong with you and you need help to fix it. Maybe you feel misunderstood and alone, or like there's a shameful secret that no one else can know about you. I will help you regain a sense of wholeness.

Another area of focus is ending the cycle of disconnection, neglect or abuse with parents toward their children. I work to heal the relationships between parents and their children, and create an environment of secure attachment, safety and connection. The past injuries of our parents not providing unconditional love can be healed, and we can learn how to enact love so our children feel completely loved and safe. This is breaking the cycle and creating a new future generation of healthy adults who know how to truly take care of each other.

Working with me is like adding jet fuel to resolving the unhealthy patterns you seem unable to beat on your own. These can include codependency, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, self-worth, or a general interest in wanting to feel more aligned with your purpose and meaning in life.

Given the conditions of the home environment we grew up in and the culture we are immersed in, patterns tend to repeat themselves until we go deeper to unlock, rewire and heal completely. Anger, Anxiety, Depression and ADHD are all completely understandable reactions when you understand the full context of your environment and how the brain and body respond. I will help you put the pieces of your life experience together to understand what is happening in the present moment and to help you find release from past traumatic experiences and the inner critic. As a personal survivor of abuse, a mother and a army veteran willing to discuss the not so talked about topics of military culture, including sexual assault, I have the personal experience of moving forward healthily in mind, body and spirit to live a more peaceful, rich and meaningful life free from suffering. 

I practice neurobiologically-informed Attachment Therapy - meaning I assess for attachment injuries that wired the brain in a particular way for you growing up, and assist you in the re-wiring process to create a healthier, better functioning brain today. 

The coolest aspect of my job is that the space I hold for you in the room is in itself healing and allows for the re-wiring process to begin in the very first session. Each week as our counselor-client relationship deepens, your brain health improves as you experience total safety and comfort in a non-judgmental environment. This teaches your brain that the world can potentially be a safe place, and builds a safe place within you that you can re-visit at any time. With your new Inner Resource, you can achieve calm in the midst of chaos. I call it being a Superhuman with Superpowers.

Throughout our sessions I bring in integrative techniques including mindfulness, guided meditations, and breath awareness to enhance the mind-body connection and gain access to your own intuitive wisdom. When the heartbeat and brainwaves are coherent and flowing together, one's energy and emotions are able to move freely. The result is feeling more gratitude, joy, and contentment. Sadness, anger and fear are more free to move through the body without getting stuck in those negative feeling states and you can return to a feeling of ease.

As an Army Veteran I have an understanding of military culture and specialize in working with both active duty service members and Veteran survivors of sexual assault in the military. I am also a passionate student of diversity and culture; I speak Spanish and possess a deep understanding of the intersections of race, class, power and privilege.

Working with my clients is an honor and each experience is unique. I invite you to fill out the contact form at the link below and tell me a little bit about your story. You will receive a response within 24 hours, and in the meantime you can read my blog posts or check out my Instagram page and watch some of the YouTube content I've created. I appreciate your time and I genuinely look forward to meeting with you.


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Authentic, present and real. I will not judge you or diagnose you with disorders. I see my clients as real, whole human beings and I show up fully in the present moment for what you are going through. 

How does counseling work? It is in essence the counseling relationship itself that is healing. For some it is a corrective emotional experience, for many it is the steady comforting knowledge that the counselor is there for you.