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Expert in Complex Trauma and Healing Attachment Injuries

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individual coaching
three, six and 12-month packages

Individual coaching allows me the depth of knowledge to personally guide you to the roots of your problems, accessing your own inner guidance to heal past traumas and live fully in the present from your whole, authentic Self.

group coaching
12 week program

In Group sessions the goal is to be fully in the present moment with another, practicing vulnerability in sharing with others what is happening in our experience. The result is deep intimacy within the group and the capacity to take this skill into your real life with confidence.

Online group support
Only $37/month

Group laser coaching sessions online via Zoom, access to the private Infiniteselfhelp facebook group where I'll pop in to answer Q&As, and bonus mini courses on attachment, neuroscience and more.


About Me

When I left my home of origin and headed off to the University of Georgia, I thought I was on my way to the best four years of my life. Instead, I was hit with flashbacks, nightmares, depression and anxiety as the traumatic effects of my childhood all came crashing in. Struggling with debilitating fear in all of my relationships with professors and peers, I nonetheless managed to graduate on time with two degrees. When I finally got help and received a diagnosis of PTSD, it began a 10 year quest to find the answers to healing my trauma, including getting a Master's in Counseling and completing a 200-hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. Today it brings me joy to facilitate healing for others and share everything I learned in my decade of research, so they don't have to struggle for years alone as I did.  



My first session with Patricia was immensely helpful, I gained so much more insight with just this first session than years of counseling from others. Thank you!!!
— Lauren, Jacksonville FL



My passion and interests surrounding personal development are wide and varied, giving me a vast well of knowledge to draw from. It was the initial inspiration for naming my brand Infinite Self Help - I wanted to create an online source for helpful insights for various issues to all be pooled together in one place. 

I also invite you to visit my YouTube channel and Instagram page for live videos and more useful content around the themes of attachment, trauma and healing. Because healing happens in relationship, the process can begin right now as you get to know me through my online content and see if it feels like I would be a good fit for working together with you.

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